Baneasa Shopping City opens EUR 19 mln Grand Cinema Digiplex in September

Baneasa Shopping City north of Bucharest will inaugurate its Grand Cinema Digiplex on September 23, following investments of EUR 19 million, the shopping center has announced. The 14,000 sqm cinema will offer 2,600 seats and will be a fully digital cinema. It will have VIP halls as well as a Grand Ultra hall, with 500 seats and the largest screen in the country, according to the mall owners. A second 500-seat hall, Grand Epika, will have a large screen and adjustable seating, catering to the needs of fashion shows, concerts and conferences.

In April last year, real estate developer Baneasa Developments said it would expand the existing Baneasa commercial area north of Bucharest with three new facilities, which will require a total investment of EUR 22 million. A multiplex cinema, a family entertainment center and a gas station and car wash will be added, some 25,000 sqm in total, the developer announced at that time. The investment will be carried out in three phases. So far, the shopping center had a Drive-In Cinema, to cover the missing link in the entertainment mix.

The Baneasa commercial area, which includes Baneasa Shopping City mall, as well as big box stores, among which an IKEA unit, is part of a larger project. The Baneasa project also includes offices and housing, all on 221 hectares of land. The entire project was estimated to require an investment of EUR 1.8 billion and was inaugurated in 2008. Baneasa Development’s CEO is Ali Ergun Ergen.

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(photo source: Baneasa Shopping City)




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