Romania Insider Awards, 2018 Edition

Rewarding companies & projects with a positive impact in Romania and internationally

Selection process – May – October 2018



16 October 2018


Intercontinental Hotel, Bucharest


Rewarding companies & projects with a positive impact
in Romania and internationally


Investors, top & middle managers, foreign & Romanian business people, industry professionals


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Romania Insider Awards at a Glance

In 2018, we’re scanning the Romanian business landscape for the values that have been driving us at in the last 8 years: positive impact to business & society, sustainability, fairness, business ethics, and promoting Romania abroad. 

Through an ethical & transparent selection process, with a reputable Board of Advisors and a C-level, independent Jury filtering out applications in 8 award categories, while the public also casts its vote online, the Romania Insider Awards will zoom in on the positives in stormy times.

For the last 8 years, readers from all over the world have found reliable information about Romania on Our balanced and ethical approach and the quality of our content have helped become the most read English-language online portal dedicated to Romania: 1.8 million readers in 2017 alone. Reputable foreign publications including Euronews, WSJ, BBC, The Guardian, New Yorker, Spiegel Online trust and constantly quote our stories.

Time has come to publicly acknowledge the Romanian companies & projects that share these positive Romania values with us, during an exclusive Awards Gala on October 16, 2018 at InterContinental Hotel Bucharest.


Top business leaders, both Romanians and foreigners, representing several main industries, are supporting the search for game changers in a positive Romania via the Romania Insider Awards.

They will assign scores for each of the shortlisted nominations in the 8 categories, choosing the winner for each award.



General Manager of Ubisoft



CEO of Orkla Foods Romania



Country Head for Romania, BNP Paribas Group



Managing Director of Skanska Romania



Founding Partner of Ensight Management Consulting


General Manager of Amway Romania, Bulgaria & Greece

Gustavo Navaro


Managing Director of CRH Romania


A team of top business leaders with extensive market knowledge have joined the Romania Insider Awards project. In our two-step selection process, the Board of Advisors will single out the best applications, preparing the shortlist for each of the award categories.

Anca Harasim

Anca Harasim

Executive Director 

American Chamber of Commerce in Romania AmCham

Adriana record poza

Adriana Record

Executive Director

French Chamber of Commerce in Romania CCIFER


Charlie Crocker

Chief Executive

British Romanian Chamber of Commerce in Romania BRCC

Sebastien Metz

Sebastian Metz

General Director 

Romanian-German Chamber of Commerce AHK

Maurits Dohmen

Maurits Dohmen

Executive Director

Netherlands Romanian Chamber of Commerce NRCC

WF Photo

Walter Friedl


Austrian Business Club

Sotiris Chatzidakis

Sotiris Chatzidakis

Founder & Executive Vice President

CEO Clubs & Next Gen


Osnat Peled


Business Women Forum Romania (BWFR)

claudiu vrinceanu fb

Claudiu Vrînceanu


Start-Up Bridge & VP Connections

Razvan Pascu - poza print-2

Răzvan Pascu

Entrepreneur & Marketing Consultant

ALains Schodts

Alain Schodts

Executive Director

Belgian Romanian Chamber of Commerce

Sandra Jitianu 2018

Sandra Jitianu

Project Manager

Romania Insider Awards


Volker Moser

Business Developer & Shareholder & Co-Founder of City Compass Group

andrei chirileasa small

Andrei Chirileasa

Editor-in-Chief & Partner


Winners in the following categories will be awarded during an exclusive Awards Gala event on October 16, 2018.

The online nominations phase for the awards has ended on August 31, 2018. 

We will announce the three finalists in each category on October 6, when we will also start the online vote. 

Nominations are open for the Young Generation Panel until September 15, 2018. For any issues, email us at [email protected].

The Best Innovation Award is powered by Bayer Romania

The Best Innovation Award recognizes excellence in innovation in any field: research & development, IT&C, business development, human resources, marketing, product development. The awarded innovation should be substantial and meaningful for the Romanian market, potentially also for international markets. 

The innovation project can have an international footprint, as long as it is highly connected to Romania: team working in Romania, or Romanian founders & team working in Romania.

Who is eligible?

Companies or individuals with at least one innovative project, product, service, process, irrespective of their size. Time of launch: 2017 or 2018.

Judging criteria:

  • The innovation project’s proven positive impact, local and/or international.  
  • Practicality, ease of use & scalability of the innovation.
  • Level & constancy of innovation within the company – constant use of innovation with positive results will be a tie-break for companies with similar scores.

The Best Start-up Award is powered by Banca Transilvania. 

The prize will go to a young company or project which capitalizes on a novel idea, tries to solve an important current shortcoming in business or society, and uses innovative approaches in product development & promotion.


  • Get exclusive access to the Romania Insider Awards Gala in October 2018. All shortlisted candidates will be invited to participate at the VIP-Gala Awards ceremony in October 2018.
  • Find an investor. While we do not offer a specific investment as a prize, we do facilitate contact of the shortlisted candidates with investors who are present at the Gala.
  • Get exposure in the media. The entire event will be promoted before and after the Gala. Finalists will have coverage on and associated media channels.

Who is eligible?

Companies officially incorporated in 2015 or later, or projects not yet incorporated but in seed phase, with a prototype product or service and a sound business model.

Judging criteria:

  • The company’s product/project impact and usefulness.
  • The project’s uniqueness in addressing a certain need, be it on a wide or niche market.
  • Scalability potential of the start-up project, including international eligibility and usefulness.
  • Proven financial backup from local or international investors can be a tie-break for projects with similar scores for the other criteria.

The Employer of the Year Award is powered by UP Romania.

The Employer of the Year Award powered by UP Romania will recognize a company which offers innovative, fair and balanced benefits to its employees, an inspiring work atmosphere, training and personal growth support for its staff, a gender balanced employment as well as a consistent approach on the HR front.

Who is eligible?

Companies with at least 50 employees which can showcase HR policies with concrete data and results.

Judging criteria:

  • Stability of the team.
  • Positive impact of HR policies implemented.
  • Learning opportunities.
  • Level of benefits offered.

The Most Scalable Social Responsibility Project Award powered by Janssen will go to the corporate social responsibility project which has the biggest potential to inspire other companies or individuals to replicate it and thus easily multiply its benefits across Romania.

What projects are eligible?

Social Responsibility projects implemented in the last 12 months, with enough information about the results of that project, irrespective of the company/NGO size and allocated budgets for Social Responsibility. A single company/NGO can submit up to 3 Social Responsibility projects for the award.

Judging criteria:

  • Impact of the Social Responsibility project.
  • Use and applicability countrywide.
  • Project investment, as percentage of the company’s turnover in the year of the project. The smaller the investment for a large-impact project, the bigger the chances to be selected!

The Fair-Play Real Estate Project Award is powered by Catinvest Eastern Europe

What projects are eligible?

Profitable projects completed or sold in the last two years, which have a positive impact on their neighborhood. The following types of projects are eligible: office, residential, recreational, urban/mixed-use, industrial/office park, commercial/retail, new community, rehabilitation.

Judging criteria:

  • Commercial success of the project: buyers, tenants.
  • Innovative approaches in design & build, plus green building features.
  • Quality of space and respect for the neighborhood (including abiding by the general urban planning provisions).
  • Green and eco projects will be given additional credits.
  • In case of ties: buildings which are well-tuned to the geometry of the area (geometric or architectural elements, ornamentation of the building, finishing: building materials and color) and buildings with an emphasis on natural light will be favored.

The Best Promotion for Romania Abroad Award is powered by One United Properties.

Zooming in on projects, companies or people who positively promote Romania abroad, for business or tourism, either as a core activity or as a side effect.

Who is eligible?

Project or activities by companies or individuals, both foreigners and Romanians, with a proven positive impact for Romania’s image abroad, for business or tourism. The projects and activities need to have taken place in 2017 or 2018.

Judging criteria:

  • The project’s effectiveness in raising awareness of a positive Romania among the general public abroad.
  • Its total reach and budget, if available.
  • In case of projects with similar scores, the following can be used as tie-break:
    • A people-to-people approach: directly involving individuals, as opposed to companies or other types of institutions.
    • The use of marketing strategies designed to win both hearts and minds.

Romania’s countryside is its treasure trove, which sets it apart in the world, as many traditions are still kept alive here. But little is done to preserve Romania’s rural soul. This award aims at highlighting initiatives that revive the Romanian countryside and help it thrive.

Who is eligible?

Companies or individuals with projects or initiatives for reviving the Romanian countryside. Topics may range from, but not limited to, infrastructure improvement, business development, housing, community services such as schools, public safety and health care to cultural initiatives. Projects finalized in 2017 and 2018 as well as ongoing projects are eligible.

Judging criteria:

  • The rural development project’s capacity to revive the countryside.
  • In the event of a tie, the following criteria will apply:
    • Community participation: the degree to which the initiative actively engages individuals, organizations or the broader community.
    • Educational factor: Projects coaching the rural community to find and apply innovative solutions, offering a toolbox of resources to support its development.

The Young Generation’s Award for Contribution to Romanian Society is sponsored by Main Partner CRH Romania. 

For the first time in Romania, young people get to share their view of what drives the society further. This young generation, also called Generation Y or the Net Generation, born between the ‘90s and early 2000, grew up in a tech era, and already show different priorities and expectations than the previous generations.

Let’s understand how they see the Romanian society developing. Who do they believe are the game-changers and who are their local role models? What projects do they think will have a far-reaching positive impact on Romania?


Who is the young generation who makes the nominations and selection of the award winner?

Each company will invite a number of employees under 30 to nominate two personalities or projects with a noteworthy positive contribution to Romanian society. The procedure for selecting the participants is entirely up to each company.

Nota bene: Any number of employees may be invited, provided that they are under 30 years old and have at least 3 years of work experience. The more diverse the group, the better: we recommend that there are both male and female participants, from all types of functions: management, operational and support functions.

Eligible employees register for the “Young Generation Panel” by clicking here.

Candidate nominations:

The Romania Insider Awards Team sends out a personalized link to each eligible employees who have registered for the Panel, for nominating candidates, and later on, for the vote.

Each Panel member nominates two personalities or projects, and submits a short description (100-150 words) for each of them, explaining the reason for nomination. Public nominations will not be available for this award.


Once the nominations phase is concluded, Young Generation Panel Members will be able to review all nominations and cast 3 votes for their 3 favorite candidates. One vote will be worth 9 points, the second will be worth 5 points and the third will be worth 1 point.

The nomination with the highest number of points will win the award. In case of a tie, a second voting round will be organized.

Who is eligible for the Award?

Any personality or initiative with a noteworthy positive contribution to Romanian society.

Judging Criteria:

  • Person or initiative contributing to any of the following European goals and values: tolerance, inclusion, respect for diversity, justice and the rule of law, respect for private life, freedom of thought, religion, assembly, expression and information. 
  • A personality or a game-changing initiative that has significantly impacted Romanian economic, social, industrial or cultural landscape.


Each award category has a minimum set of criteria which must be met for the nominated company to be selected in the first round. If one criterion is not met, the project/company will not make it to the first round, among the accepted nominations. These criteria are listed in each award description.

Nota Bene: The selection procedure is not valid for the Young Generation’s Award for Contribution to Romanian Society.

The selection will be done in two rounds:

Round 1: The Board of Advisors will analyze all eligible nominations and select a short list of three finalists for each award category.

  • Each nomination will be analyzed by the event team for eligibility. Then, the Board of Advisors will assign online 1 to 10 points for each judging criterion to all eligible projects. The added-up scores will result in a ranking.
  • The companies or projects with the top 3 scores in each category will be shortlisted and will be submitted to the vote of the Jury.
  • Nominations with 55 points and above will be eligible for the public online vote, even if they did not make it among the top 3 in the shortlist.
  • In case of a tie, the Board of Advisors will vote online to choose the 3 shortlisted finalists.

Nota bene: Team members or advisory board members found in incompatibility with a nominated company or project (part of it, collaborating with it, including with close relatives part of those projects) will be excluded from voting for that particular category of awards.

Round 2: The members of the Jury will select the winner for each category.

In the second round, the jury will debate and select one winner for each category. At the end of the jury debate meeting, each jury member will assign a score from 1 to 5 to each of the shortlisted nominations. The company/project with the highest score will win the award. In case of a tie, the jury president will re-evaluate the companies/projects with equal scores and cast their tie vote, thus choosing the winner.

Nota bene: Jury members found in incompatibility with a shortlisted company or project (part of it, collaborating with it, including with close relatives part of those projects) will not be part of deliberations, nor cast their vote for that specific category of awards. If the jury president is in incompatibility with one of the tie project or companies, the deputy jury president will take their attributions in a tie.

Nominations shall be made online, using the dedicated form from each award category. The nomination will be accepted only if it provides a minimum set of information for each category, as described below. Nominations will be rejected if they do not provide the required information for the selection and judging process. During the selection process, companies or individuals may be notified to provide missing information within a given deadline.  

Nota Bene: The nomination criteria is not valid for the Young Generation’s Award for Contribution to Romanian Society.


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Join us on October 16, 2018, at InterContinental Hotel in Bucharest, to celebrate the winners of the Romania Insider Awards! There will be eight jury prizes and an audience prize.

welcome networking cocktail, a seated dinner in a five-star location, and a Game Changer networking cocktail will be part of the Romania Insider Awards Gala in 2018. Two inspiring entertainment intermissions will complete the evening. 

Sponsors and partners join the gala either with branded tables or with VIP tickets.

Seating is limited for branded tables and individual VIP tickets, so book your seat early!

Branded table

includes smart branding on table & 6 VIP tickets

€1,500 + VAT

Individual VIP ticket

Early bird discount until August 15, 2018 



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Interested in finding out more about the event?

Email us at [email protected] or

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