Average salary in Romania, almost flat in February, biggest rise in tobacco industry

The average net salary gain in Romania was up a mere 0.3 percent in February on the previous month, to some RON 1,472 (around EUR 340). The highest salaries were paid in the tobacco industry – some RON 4,489 (or around EUR 1,027), while the lowest, in the hotels and restaurants industry – some RON 842 (or the equivalent of EUR 192). The gross average salary in Romania was of RON 2,028 (or EUR 464) in February, very close to the January level.

But in most industries, the net salary gain was smaller in February than in January, either because production targets were not achieved, due to lower sales or activity downsizing, according to Romania’s Statistics Institute (INS).

Biggest salary decreases were recorded in water transportation, oil and extraction, with drops between 8.5 and 10.5 percent. Those working in cinema production, video and TV programming and editing earned 4.5 to 7.5 percent less.

Those who were paid higher salaries in February work in tobacco production – 44.7 percent more. Employees in the financial brokerage area earned 11 percent more, while those making computers and electronic products made between 4 and 7.5 percent more in February.

State employees earned slightly more in education – 0.8 percent, as teachers are paid based on the number of hours they teach, while the growth in salary gains in public administration was of 0.5 percent due to pay rises.

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