[AUDIO] Romanian song: Marabou by Antonia

As the sun seems to make an appearance in Romania again, we start thinking about summer, and on this note we recently found a Romanian song which has high chances of becoming a summer hit this year. Antonia’s Marabou has a light sound, ‘smells’ like holiday and relaxation on the seaside – think St. Tropez… The sound of waves that can be heard in the song probably helps making this connection.

The song is in English, and like any summer song has simple lyrics, an easy to remember beat, and probably one that can be slightly re-mixed to turn it into a proper dancing beat.

The song was composed by Thomas Troelsen, and apparently it was first meant to be sung by Vanessa Paradis, who however wanted a stronger beat, so the Romanian Antonia ended up playing it. Listen to the song below.

What is Marabou? We’re not that sure, some say it’s a private island, Wikipedia says it’s a chocolate, a multiracial person in Haiti, a vegetable in Cuba, a large bird, a type of silk and a collection of poems. Everything sounds exotic enough, and in the meantime Marabou is Antonia’s song which already hit the 4.8 million mark views on Youtube.

Antonia is a Romanian singer who spent her adolescence in the USA, in LA and Utah. She became known internationally with the song Shake it Mamma, and then with Marionette.

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(photo source: Antonia’s website)


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