Who is the only Romanian selected in Facebook’s 2018 Community Leadership program?

Atena Boca, the founder of a support community for young mothers called “La primul bebe” (At first baby), is the only Romanian selected this year in Facebook’s Community Leadership program, local Ziarul Financiar reported.

Her community has nearly 52,000 members. She also has an association that operates in 17 cities in Romania, which has raised almost EUR 500,000 for various charities.

The group she founded offers mothers in Romania and abroad support during pregnancy and the first four years after birth, with the help of an active and educated online community, which includes experts from various areas. The mothers registered in the program, after a selection process, also get access to parental education events.

Facebook Community Leadership Program Residency and Fellowship is a one-year program offered and coordinated by Facebook, which supports the most influential community leaders worldwide and offers them continuous training for 12 months. Only 20 Europeans have been selected for this year’s program.

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(photo source: Facebook / Atena Boca)