Rooftop amphitheater to open at the National Theater in Bucharest

An open-air amphitheater is set to open on the rooftop of the National Theater in Bucharest (TNB) on May 24.

The new space can seat 299 people and will be used for the staging of summer productions, both of the TNB and independent ones. The venue, which is located 40 meters above ground, can be accessed with the help of five elevators going up from the lobby of the theater’s Grand Hall to the fourth level.

Those who wish to see the amphitheater before the first performances are scheduled can do so every Monday, as part of the guided tours organized by the TNB. The tickets for such tours can be purchased online or at the TNB ticket office.

At the end of last year, a Librarium bookstore opened at TNB.

The theater’s ground floor spaces regularly host art and photography exhibitions. More recently, the Fotogeografica exhibition, featuring nature photography, opened at TNB on Europe’s Day, on May 9th.

The National Theater in Bucharest underwent massive EUR 65 million renovation works and reopened with several new performance halls in 2015.

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(Photo: Teatrul Naţional I. L. Caragiale Bucureşti Facebook Page)

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