Almost 100,000 Romanians spent EUR 18 mln on New Year’s Eve, rural parties prove big hit

The 98,000 Romanians who spent their New Year’s Eve in Romanian resorts this year spent some EUR 18 million, 20 percent more than in the previous season, according to the Federation of Tourism Employers in Romania (FPTR). The number of party people in the Romanian resorts increased by a third, but so had the number of those who choose to spend the New Year’s Eve abroad.

But the latter are a much smaller group – only 7,800 Romanians spent the night between years abroad, and they spent some EUR 3.1 million on their trips. The data provided by FPTR is based on the reservation system and on data from the polled tour operators.

Some 20,000 Romanians went to the mountainous areas, 25,000 spent New Year’s Eve in Spa resorts and other 25,000 in large hotels across Romania. Only 500 went to the seaside, and 100 to the Danube Delta.

Spending New Year’s Eve in the countryside proved to be the hit of the season, with 27,000 people choosing rural areas, an increase of 50 percent on the previous New Year’s Eve.

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