Agriculture minister takes stand on hungry bears descending to Romanian towns

Petre Daea, the agriculture minister, said this weekend that the situation of hungry bears that come increasingly often to local towns looking for food will be regulated, reported.

The minister argued that the bears should be shot because people need to be protected first.

“I spoke to my colleagues in the Government. These things will be regulated soon. Let’s not choose between man and animal,” he said. Daea argued the animals “should remain in their space, in their habitat.”

“Why should we not shoot them? The man is protected first. We haven’t reached the point of having to choose between man and animal, let’s be clear,” he said.

This weekend, the gendarmes intervened to chase away eleven bears that descended in the mountain town of Busteni. The bears were looking for food in yards in the town’s households or around the public garbage bins. The gendarmes chased them away using acoustic and light signaling.

The number of cases of brown bears looking for food in Romanian towns has multiplied recently. In addition to bears, some wild boars were also observed last week in downtown Sinaia, one of the most popular mountain resorts in Romania.

The authorities recommend people not to get close to these animals in such cases, as they can become aggressive. Citizens are advised to call the emergency number 112 in these cases.

Hungry bears leave the forests to look for food in Romanian towns

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