After manager beating, Romanian singer Alexandra Stan may not be allowed to sing the songs which made her famous

Romanian singer Alexandra Stan may not be allowed to continue singing the songs that made her famous all over the world, as the contract between her and her manager, Marcel Prodan, will be canceled. The singer said her manager beat her and refused to give her money, some EUR 40,000 from her recent concerts, and Prodan is being investigated for blackmail. According to Alexandra Stan’s lawyer, she will be able to continue to sing the songs only if the contract is kept, but an alternative solution is also being sought.

In her complaint submitted to the prosecutors in Constanta county, where the beating had happened, the 24-year old singer said the man threatened her and beat her up on June 14 and 15 to make her give up on the money she had asked for on account of her shows, which had been cashed in by the company managed by Prodan. Stan wants to go to court against him for having beaten her, after receiving all the medical papers needed to prove the injuries.

Alexandra Stan is known for songs like Mr. Saxobeat, Lemonade and Million, and she became famous worldwide several years ago, ranking high in international charts.

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