Advertising campaigns in Romania – what does work for the Romanian public?

There is no universal strategy, each advertising strategy needs to be tailored to the customers and companies. But there are a few features which can be used as a starting point for an advertising strategy targeting Romanian customers.

Guest post by Nicu Stăncescu, New Business Director Friends Advertising

This topic reminds me of one of my favorite questions – What should I do to win?… To win what? And the universal answer is: Do something perfect! Evrika!

Every advertising strategy has to be tailored to both customer and company. Each company and each product is offering unique features – both rational and emotional – that differentiate from the others. The same applies to people. This means that an advertising strategy for an industrial boots manufacturer -my favorite business- is completely different than the strategy for the yacht manufacturer.

The most important thing is to understand the customers. Who are they? Where do they live? What do they need? Why should they be interested? And I can write another 10,000 questions about the target group and after having all the answers I can only tell that „I have an idea” about the target but never to „know it 100%”. Because people are changing, growing, evolving etc… So we also have to change, grow, reinvent, and we have to answer to different questions.

There are some features that can be the start for an advertising strategy.


Romanians are generally interested in novelty. Despite the fact there is nothing completely new since the hot water and the wheel were invented, Romanians want to learn, then try and eventually buy the „NEW” NEW still means for a large group of Romanian people GOOD. If it is new it must be good! With some differences, the same math’s can be apply to CHANGE = GOOD. In 1996, people voted for „the change” They were not explained what change meant. If change is in progress than it must be good and it is the right decision to make.


One of the most interesting features to be noted is that Romanians favour the West. In the early 90’s everything which was coming from the abroad, especially from the West, was desired. Even this has started to fade-out, it still works for Romanians. Lately, this feeling switched to more sophisticated country or regional brands. Like, for example, the German trusted quality, the Swiss precision, the Irish whiskey, the British boats and so on. And then the era of multinational companies started. International, well known brands have won the Romanian market. I remember when McDonald’s opened the first location in Bucharest. It was crazy.

3.PRIDE – willingness to win

Pride is the ultimate goal in life for Romanian people. To achieve and maintain their pride, they are willing to make incredible sacrifices. Romanians needs to be different, they are scouting to make the difference in each and every breath. They are looking to rule, have followers and get applauses. They will trust brands that feed those needs.


Romanians are definitely hungry to learn, to be informed and get the knowledge. Because of this, the entire media exploded in Romania. Newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and Internet are primarily news suppliers. Interest and discussions about everybody and everything is part of Romanian life. Despite the fact that they are overloaded and the overload becomes harmful, it is like a drug. They cannot live without it. They maybe change the discussion topic, but never escape from the hunger.


Everybody, everywhere in the world says: „Internet is booming” It started 5-6 years ago and it is still booming. When it will stop? I say never. It started as a communication tool, then became a supplier and now it is offering life. Internet is the universal answer to any question. Whatever you need is there. Internet is God on Earth. Anybody who relies on and uses this human-made God will win. Romanians have embraced this God, trusted it and use it for day by day living habits.

So, there is no universal wrench to tighten up an advertising campaign. There are many tools, and based on your objective you have to use the right ones to maximize the effectiveness of the campaign. The answer to the question, if you used the right tools, only the bank account can give it to you.

Nicu Stanescu is the New Business Director with Friends Advertising. Before joining Friends Advertising, he was regional products business development manager and marketing manager for Canon. Friends Advertising was set up in 2003 around the creative team Bojan Spasic – Sorin Tranca.  The firm has worked for clients such as Unilever, Canon, Siemens Romania, Adama, Sensiblu, among others.

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