Romanian online retailer plans to open 50 delivery points

Bucharest-based online retailer wants to reach a turnover of EUR 25 million this year.

As part of its development strategy, the company has inaugurated the first delivery points for its online orders, and plans to reach 50 delivery points by the end of the year. The retailer currently has four such units in Bucharest, one in Giurgiu and one in Craiova, launched in partnership with Coleto.

Besides this partnership, is also in talks with a courier firm for opening delivery points, said Mihai Patrascu, CEO. Currently, some 97% of the orders are delivered in 24 hours, due to the delivery service with its own cars.

The firm Evolution Prest Services from Bucharest, which operates the platform, reached a turnover of EUR 17.2 million in 2015, up 12% over 2014. The profit dropped by 16% to almost EUR 100,000.

evoMAG’s competitors, including eMAG and have already opened physical delivery points. eMAG, the biggest online retailer in Romania has a partnership with the Romanian Post while has opened standalone delivery points, including in some of Bucharest’s busiest subway stations.


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