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Over 150 medieval and ancient coins confiscated by police at numismatic fair in Romania

A total of 154 old coins were confiscated by the police at a numismatic fair in Brasov, center Romania.

The coins, some of them dating from the second and first centuries B.C. while others from the medieval period, came from archeological sites and were illegally sold at the fair for prices between RON 5 and RON 20.

“After the police checked the 125 persons participating at the fair,  seven people aged between 35 and 61, from Bihor, Buzau, Caras Severin and Salaj counties, and Bucharest were identified, they illegally traded 154 ancient and medieval coins that seem to come from archaeological sites protected by law,” according to the Brasov County Police spokesman, Liviu Naghi, quoted by Mediafax.

The police determined that the people trading the coins didn’t have documents of origin for them.

“The coins will be examined by specialists from the National Museum of History in Bucharest, to identify all their characteristics, the exact period and place they’re coming from, and if they are fakes or original,” said Gheorghe Mitran, general manager of the Brasov County Directorate for Culture.

After the examination, the coins will be given to the History Museum in Brasov, until the legal framework is clarified.

Irina Popescu, irina.popescu@romania-insider.com