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  • International audience: About two thirds of our readers are based outside Romania
  • Engaged audience: spend over 1 minute on our site; a third read us daily
  • Premium readers: 80% have university studies, 40% are top managers or investors, 47% earn above EUR 12,000/year
  • Ad engagement: half of our readers notice ads, a third click on them

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  • We help you reach a premium, niche audience with high resources, decision makers.
  • We offer a full range of solutions for advertising customers ranging from corporations to small and medium enterprises.
  • We consult our advertising partners in creating packages that work best for their brand or campaign.
  • We’re fast and attentive to details, and strive to understand our customers’ business when creating simple or complex packages for them.

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  • IAB standard sizes
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  • Sponsored sections, branded content


  • Text advertising in our daily & weekly newsletters
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  • Custom solutions
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  • Power packages including online advertising, ads in our print guide in English, and sponsorship of our event series

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